Membership & Pricing

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Membership & Pricing

Our Services Come to You

Receive care where you are comfortable and have privacy. We come to you when you need us.

Spend your time & energy on what truly matters. Traffic and rushing around is so yesterday.

We don’t compromise on care with back-to-back patients. You receive our dedicated attention with custom services.

Optimum Member Benefits

Optimum Members enjoy a complete concierge medical experience that is rooted in evidence based foundations. The best part, is that our providers come to you.

Optimum Membership makes it easier for our patients to receive care for injuries they have sustained. Our members need to get back to performance quickly, and our concierge membership program makes rehabilitation from injury, as effecient and convenient as possible. As a concierge practice, we service a smaller number of patients, and that allows us to spend more time with our patients. This ensures that our patients are getting the time they deserve to properly treat their injuries or concerns.

Optimum Members also have easier acces to wellness and preventative care. Our members have two 1-hour mobile appointments per year included as a part of their membership. This allows our providers to check in regularly to ensure that proper health, wellness, and functional movement markers are being met to best prevent the occurance of musculoskeletal injuries.

Still have questions about Optimum Memberships? Reach out to us anytime:

Membership & Pricing Overview

Overview Non-Member
Normally $250
Optimum Members
1 Year Membership Contract
Getting Started $199 - 1 Hour Initial Examination & Treatment Included
1st Follow Up Visit $199 - 1 Hour Follow Up Treatment Included
Membership Fees *Paid Monthly N/A $50 Initial Payment
Benefits Non-Member Optimum Members
15% Discount on All Apts Not Included
10% Discount Same Site Add ons Not Included
24/7 Doctor Access Not Included
Preferential Scheduling Not Included
Urgent Appointments Not Included
Pricing & Benefits
Optimum Members
Pricing & Benefits
Corporate Pricing
Custom Program

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