5 Ideas for How a Family Can Stay Healthy & Have Fun Together

When it comes to getting outside with your family, it can be challenging with schedules, choosing one thing everyone wants to do, and especially getting kids who prefer indoors, outdoors. Here are 5 ideas for how a family can stay healthy and have fun together.

1. Get Outside Together

Families can participate in outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, or playing team sports. Such activities not only ensure physical fitness but also build strong bonds among family members. Making these activities a regular part of your family routine can turn exercise into a fun and enjoyable habit for everyone. 


Tip: One recommendation would be to have their friends or other close family join in to inspire everyone to participate. Consider trying pickleball, or something new together, where everyone is learning at the same time.

2. Healthy Cooking and Eating Together

Preparing meals together can be a fun and educational experience. Children can learn about different foods, their nutritional benefits, and the importance of a balanced diet. It can also provide an opportunity to experiment with new healthy recipes together. Moreover, research has shown that families who eat together tend to have healthier eating patterns.


Tip: One recommendation would be to choose one meal a week together where each person draws names out of a hat to see who is cooking or making what. 

3. Family Fitness Challenges

Setting up friendly fitness competitions can make staying healthy a lot more fun. This can involve setting personal fitness goals, like walking a certain number of steps each day or participating in a local race or sports event together. You can also play fitness-based games like doing a certain number of sit-ups in a minute, a family yoga session, or even a dance-off!


Tip: One of our clients is doing a 30-day challenge with her son, and it gives them something to do together and provides time to catch up and connect as well. Sometimes it could be as simple as see who can touch their toes the best and go from there.

4. Gardening Together

Gardening is a great way to stay active, reduce stress, and learn about nutrition. Plus, if you’re growing your own fruits and vegetables, it can be very rewarding and encourage healthier eating habits. It’s also a fun way to teach kids about where their food comes from and the importance of the environment.


Tip: Look for fun herbs to grow together and go exploring at a gardening center. Chocolate mint is a cool herb to find, and you can use it in tea. Just be sure to plant it in a planter; otherwise, it can take over. Also, many herbs keep the bugs away while playing outside, which can be a great motivator. Lastly, maybe great a pollinator garden together to help the bees and butterflies have a resource for food too. 

5. Learning and Practicing Mindfulness Together

Mental health is as important as physical health. Encouraging practices such as meditation, deep breathing, or even just having quiet time together can be beneficial. Additionally, this can be made fun through games and activities that promote mindfulness, such as mindful coloring, yoga, or nature walks where each person takes turns pointing out things they notice around them.


Tip: For family members who like science and are curious, download an app that helps identify plants while you are out on a walk. Hopefully, this can help avoid poison ivy too. Tons of plants seem to have three leaves…PlantSnap, Planta, Leafsnap, are available, to name a few.


Remember, the goal is not just to stay healthy but also to create lasting memories and experiences as a family. Any activity that encourages this while promoting health can be a great choice.